Listen Gia Ford shares debut song ‘Turbo Dreams’

Gia Ford shares debut song ‘Turbo Dreams’

The new Dirty Hit signing drops her dreamy first track.

The latest Dirty Hit recruit, 22-year-old Londoner Gia Ford, has just shared her dreamy debut track and get ready to be mesmerised.

“The song kind of came out of a general feeling I had at the time; in its final form, it has only a vague connection to the real life situation that owned those feelings,” Gia explains. “I wrote the hook first, and then it became this song of contradictions - of opposing feelings - a little microcosm of the rest of my mind at the time. Perhaps all the time. So to have a video that almost directly contradicted the narrative of the song felt fitting in a weird way.”

Thought that was all? Well, you thought wrong, as she’s also shared the accompanying video! “It was created by my closest friends - it has my best friend, partner and creative director as the glue that held it all together,” she says. “After the chaos of putting it together - once we got in front of the camera, in the clothes, in the sets that we’d created; it was easy. It was floating in a lake, in a boat with my best friend. Like the lesbian Notebook. We don’t have a lot of representation in film. We’ve all seen the same run of films, no matter how shit they are, just out of desperation to see some kind of romance between two women so we can see out our teenage fantasies. You can’t escape that here. This is our fantasy come to life.”

AND ON TOP OF ALL THAT, she’s announced that her debut tape ‘Poster Boy’ will be coming out in October. Phew!

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