Watch Nilüfer Yanya unveils new single and video, ‘Heavyweight Champion of the Year’

Nilüfer Yanya unveils new single and video, ‘Heavyweight Champion of the Year’

She’s also headed out on tour with Interpol this month.

Nilüfer Yanya has not only shared a new single - but also a video.

‘Heavyweight Champion of the Year’ was co-produced by Nilüfer, and is, according to her, “about reaching my own metaphorical bar, reaching my own limits within myself, and kind of forbidding myself to take it further. It feels like quite a physical song, quite physically tired - and mentally, but knowing the desire is still there to continue. I imagine it sometimes in my head as drawing a line around me and the outside world - a form of self protection and preservation.”

The accompanying video, directed by ENERGYFORCE is “about the concept of performance and the relation to the individual. We are never really sure who is the real me. This is because we are all in a state of constant performance, whether that be in everyday life or being in front of a camera. Even when we are not performing, how do we know we are not performing? Which is the genuine and which is the fake? Only in retrospect we can look back and realise ‘I wasn’t being myself’ or ‘I was completely myself’.”

Both come ahead of her dates supporting Interpol, beginning at London’s Royal Albert Hall on 14th November.

Watch ‘Heavyweight Champion of the Year’ below.

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