Confirmed Ashnikko details new mixtape ‘Demidevil’

Set for release this October!

Woohoo! Ashnikko has confirmed that her brand new mixtape ‘Demidevil’ will be released on 2nd October via Parlophone!

With recent release ‘Daisy’ alongside Grimes-featuring ‘Cry’ set to appear, the album also sees Princess Nokia pop up on ‘Slumber Party’!

“It’s 10 tracks, so surely it’s an album right?” she joked when we spoke to her for our June 2020 issue. “But no, I don’t want to commit to calling it an album because I have commitment issues.

“My last EP was definitely about my harrowing heartbreak and my anger towards my ex-boyfriend. I wrote like, 450 songs about that stupid fucker,” she continued of her inspiration. “I’ll write about my friends’ heartbreak and their stories - I am a bit of a story vampire like that. But I can also write about other things beside heartbreak! I write about sex-positivity; that’s big for me. Just the orgasm of people with vaginas is important to me and my music because it’s been a very elusive concept until recently. Our orgasm is not prioritised in mainstream media or music, and I just wanna fucking cum!”

Check out the full track list below.

‘Demidevil’ Tracklisting:
1. Daisy
2. Toxic
3. Deal With It
4. Slumber Party (feat. Princess Nokia)
5. Drunk With My Friends
6. Little Boy
7. L8r Boi
8. Cry (feat. Grimes)
9. Good While It Lasted
10. Clitoris! The Musical

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