News Reading 2013: Phoenix: “We Can Feel A Shift”

R.Kelly’s not making an appearance, according to the Parisians.

Phoenix's Deck D'Arcy & Laurent Brancowitz spoke to DIY ahead of their headline slot on the Radio 1/ NME Stage tonight. Post high consumption of a friend's stock of 'good Japanese sake' in Paris last night, they remained in good - albeit curious - spirits about tonight's set.

'We can feel, you know, a shift… We can feel something is happening in music,' claimed Laurent about the group's Leeds set on Friday 22nd just gone. 'We are trying to understand what it is exactly. We could see it in the eyes of the audience in Leeds. We could see something happening. I don't know how to describe it yet.'

Asked if they'd be doing an R.Kelly and bringing on special guests, they dismissed the possibility. 'You can't just throw in some R&B singer. It has to open naturally. There has to be a story. We don't want to pick just someone.

'There are a lot of combinations to make it a perfect match', Brancowitz concluded.

Phoenix play the NME/Radio 1 Stage at 10.30 tonight. Follow DIY online for all the live updates.

Tags: The Phoenix Foundation, News

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