Ain’t it fun: Chvrches and Paramore go head to head in the new issue of DIY

​Chvrches and Paramore go head to head in the new issue of DIY

Lauren Mayberry and Hayley Williams team up for a grilling in our latest issue, out on Friday.

Update: Read the full feature online here.

The August issue of DIY is a Reading & Leeds special, led by everyone’s current favourite frontperson-gone-solo, Gerard Way. However he’s not the only big name to grace our pages this month: Twin Atlantic also do their very best to put up a tent (spoiler: they’re not very good at camping), Bombay Bicycle Club work their way through some likely line-up clashes (Papa Roach or Clean Bandit? Warpaint or Vampire Weekend?), and Paramore’s Hayley Williams and Chvrches’ Lauren Mayberry team up for a bit of a grilling.

With only a few days to go before the whole shebang lands in independent record stores, venues and Dr. Martens stores around the country, below you’ll find a super-sneaky preview from two of the most in-demand musicians either side of the Atlantic. How do they juggle playing live in small venues vs huge festivals? What’s it like being the frontperson of a band? How do you make sure you’re only doing things on your own terms? You’ll have to pick up DIY’s new issue to find out.

What’re the most important elements of the live show for you?
Lauren Mayberry: The sound, us working together as a band to deliver a good show, and the people who have come to it. We’ve all been the guy who played a gig where there were probably more band members on stage than there were people in the crowd, and I don’t think that experience ever leaves you.
Hayley Williams: The most important element of anyone’s live show should be that it is, in fact, a live show. I don’t like when a band sounds exactly like their recordings but I don’t like when a band can’t pull off their songs, either. We work our asses off to impress the hell out of people coming to see us. Just as important is the ability and the desire to connect with the people who are supporting us. That means that it’s important we’re connecting with the songs as well. So every show is a little different in terms of emotion, execution, and even little things like stage banter.

You’re also both now part of trios; how do you think being such a close unit affects you as a band? 
Hayley: It’s crazy to get older with Jerm and Taylor ‘cause at this point, we’ve all been friends for like 13 years and we’ve been on the road for ten. When we became a three piece, our friendships became simpler almost out of necessity. We had to relearn what we had in common, what we loved about each other, what we didn’t… So the basis of our “rebirth” as a band started with laying a new foundation of friendship.
Lauren: I think for us, it’s the perfect number because there aren’t too many personalities involved that you can’t get things done and it’s easy to communicate.

Read more in the August issue of DIY, out Friday 8th August. Pre-order your copy below. 

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