Album Review Pulled Apart By Horses - Blood

Pulled Apart By Horses - Blood

A dynamic album which shows a band used to screaming their lungs out also have the ability to deliver their sound in a different way.


There was a time - believe it or not - when Pulled Apart By Horses weren’t an international success. It seems surprising now, what with the four-piece’s massive fan-base and frequent radio airplay, but the Leeds-based band haven’t always been what many would consider to be a mainstream band. Their rise to popularity was inevitable, though, and Pulled Apart By Horses continue to be one of the most relevant and hardest working bands in the UK right now.

Following on from the success of their 2012 follow-up ‘Tough Love’ - which showed once and for all the longevity of the band’s hardcore-influenced sound - ‘Blood’, their third full-length record, is light-years away from the music heard on their early single releases. The pace lessens compared to that of their self-titled debut or second release, ‘Tough Love’. ‘Blood’ is a dynamic album which shows a band used to screaming their lungs out also have the ability to deliver their sound in a different way.

Atmospheric moments are allowed to creep and build as the band push through their most diverse sounds to date. Melody and harmony are given more room to flow, with instruments and musical elements either pushed forward or sometimes removed altogether to highlight the band’s ebbing grunge style.

Highlights include Tom Hudson’s vocal delivery, which aside from being endlessly powerful, provides the listener with an incredibly enjoyable yet disconcerting experience. Not only does Hudson provide his usual prangs of volume and distress, but on ‘Blood’ also experiments with subtlety, melody, harmony and lyricism - ‘Medium Rare’ being a perfect example. 

Reaching further and further afield from their early experimental niche sound, Pulled Apart By Horses are now more accessible than ever. But where others have failed in the past, the Yorkshire four-piece have managed to keep fans both old and new on-board with a consistent wave of modern rock classics that don’t differ too far away from their tried and tested song-writing formula. 

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