Album Review Beach House - 7

Beach House - 7

A gorgeous, irreplaceable atmosphere washes over anything they play.


Across their six studio albums, Beach House have become one of indie’s most dependable acts, and on ‘7’, that continues. Dependable is hardly the most exciting word to throw around to describe a band, granted, but there’s something about the pair’s music that will always retain its brilliant key components, and never stray too far from the path. It seems that every time Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally pick up their instruments, a gorgeous, irreplaceable atmosphere washes over anything they play, and on album seven, it’s lost none of its potency.

Coming after the slightly unusual one-two of ‘Depression Cherry’ and ‘Thank Your Lucky Stars’ - two full-lengths released only months apart in 2015 - ‘7’ does fill an unassuming hole in the band’s discography.

First single ‘Lemon Glow’ is a swirling cocktail of warped, wobbly synths and Victoria’s ever-brilliant, breathy vocals. ‘Dive’ is another highlight, with an intoxicating barrage of rollocking drums and guitar barging down the door half way through.

Seven albums in, and with a formula that’s kept its core elements largely the same, it’s largely Beach House by-numbers, but the pair have a gravitational pull that looks like it will never run dry. 

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