Watch nothing,nowhere., KennyHoopla and JUDGE join forces for ‘blood’

nothing,nowhere., KennyHoopla and JUDGE join forces for ‘blood’

The new track is all about “being a metaphorical killer”.

Like an alt-Avengers, nothing,nowhere. has joined forces with KennyHoopla and producer JUDGE for brand new track ‘blood’.

Accompanied by a new vid shot by Mason Mercer, nothing,nowhere. states, “blood is about being a metaphorical killer; killing relationships with people you care about and getting caught in that toxic cycle. I recorded the song with JUDGE and Kenny in 20 minutes. I shot the video with Kenny in Boston and we got to hang out with a bunch of rescue animals. It was a beautiful experience to be able to combine my love of animals, film and music into one shoot.”

A fab collab from the group of trailblazing artists, check it out below.

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