Marika Hackman: "I didn’t want to go on with aliens crawling out of my throat while singing”

Interview Marika Hackman: “I didn’t want to go on with aliens crawling out of my throat while singing”

Exploring the festival for the whole weekend, Marika’s been running wild round the woods with Laura Marling.

Back at Latitude for a second year, Marika Hackman’s wrapped up a captivating set at the iArena, and now she’s roaming around exploring the festival. After having to whizz away far too soon last time, she’s decided to pitch up a tent, and stick about for the entire weekend. Its been something of an old pals reunion, too. Alt-J - who featured Marika Hackman on ‘Warm Foothills’ - headlined the festival on Friday, and Laura Marling played on Saturday. “I’m seeing Laura [Marling] tonight,” says Marika, “I think she’s staying so we’ll have some drinks for old times, run round the woods, and go wild.”

Marika Hackman looks back on her set earlier in the festival. “It was an interesting one,” she begins, “because I hadn’t had a rehearsal with my band for like, four months, and we had a different band member as well. It was a bit shambolic,” she laughs. “But I think that’s what its all about when you get on stage - you have no idea what’s going to happen. So yeah, I messed it up a couple of times, but just ride it out. It’s a festival - everything’s a bit haywire.”

Unlike many of the musicians playing Latitude this weekend, Marika’s had a decent chance to explore. In amongst all the weird and wonderful things she’s seen, she found the opening ceremony weirdest. “Those people floating on the river!” she says, with a hint of genuine unease. “That freaked me out a little bit. We haven’t done enough exploring. I need to see the pink sheep.”

She’s also seen Portishead, and Santigold, and was particularly taken by the latter. “Santigold!” she says instantly. “I’m not really familiar with her music, but I thought she was just so sweet but sassy. She really rocked it.”

Though Marika has certainly given it some thought, she hasn’t braved the lake yet. “A couple of my friends did,” she says warily, “and they got a load of gunk coming out of their eyes, and algae in their snot. I thought maybe not before I play my show, it can wait - I didn’t want to go on with aliens crawling out of my throat while singing.”

Besides trying to avoid turning into a slime monster, Marika’s been writing new material for the follow-up to her debut ‘We Slept At Last’. “[Writing] is what I’ve been doing for the past few months, I’ve got about half an album done,” she says. “I’m hoping to have it all written by autumn and get cracking on the next one.”

Before heading off to run round the woods with Laura Marling, Marika Hackman leaves us with an incredibly practical tip. “Pack lots of wine boxes, because when you finish the bag inside you can blow it up and use it as a pillow,” she confides. “And, by that point, you’re drunk enough that you don’t give a shit anyway. You have a foil pillow, you’re in a happy place.”

Photo: Mike Massaro

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