Listen: Daughter release ‘Music From Before The Storm’

Daughter release ‘Music From Before The Storm’

We chat to Elena and Igor about penning their first video game soundtrack.

Today (1st September), Daughter release ’Music From Before The Storm’, their soundtrack to the second edition of new video game ‘Life Is Strange’. Previewed with dark, brilliant first single ‘Burn It Down’, the collection is a sprawling, mostly-instrumental fifty minutes that incorporates some of the trio’s darkest forages to date.

Coming ahead of shows with The National and work on the follow-up to last year’s five star-rated second LP ‘Not To Disappear’, ‘Music From Before The Storm’ is a brilliant, refreshing side-step from Daughter, and shows them to be as affecting as ever.

Listen to the soundtrack in full via Spotify and read our chat with vocalist Elena and guitarist Igor about the new release below.

So, how did you come to write your first soundtrack?

Elena (vocals, guitar): We were approached, and didn’t really know anything about Life Is Strange, so we researched and were really intrigued and thought it looked really beautiful visually, and the story and concept was really fascinating - to have a reality-based narrative where your actions affect the outcome in a very real way.

Was it strange working with other people outside your comfort zone?

Elena: It was! It was great because we were writing towards something else apart from ourselves for the first time.

Igor (guitar): We came in with an open mind, and they were very trusting and really let us do our thing. They made sure we knew that Chloe [Life Is Strange’s main character] was a loud character, so the tone needed to match that, and it meant it was some of the heaviest stuff we’ve written.

Your music is so personal - was it natural to write from the perspective of a video game character?

Elena: When I was reading the script, it felt the same as when you relate to a character in a book you’re reading - I really related to the slightly nostalgic quality to some of the things she feels and does. It seems more fictional because it’s a video game, but for me you still find these characters relatable, and that connection is a really beautiful thing.

Daughter’s new soundtrack ‘Music From Before The Storm’ comes out digitally today (1st September).

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