Feature Your New Favourite Bands (…as chosen by your old favourite bands)

Need to give your playlists a summer refresh? We picked the brains of some DIY faves for their best new music recommendations.

Here at DIY, we spend our days spotlighting the best new musical finds for you to wrap your ears around and make your own. But when it comes to festivals, we’ll admit that no-one spends more time in the fields than the bands themselves. With that in mind, we asked a few of our faves to pick the new and lesser-known artists they’ll be hot-footing it across the site to see. We suggest you join them. 

Laurie Vincent, SOFT PLAY - Panic Shack

“If you get a chance to see Panic Shack, they’re one of the most fun bands you can watch live. I feel like they’re the Welsh spirit animal versions of us, and when I was watching them before they made me wanna do what we do again.”

Yannis Philippakis, Foals - Fat Dog

“I came across Fat Dog and I like the vibe, I like the name; ‘All The Same’ is a wicked track. I know someone who’s a bit younger than me and spends a lot of time at the Windmill who’s said they’re amazing live and it’s a real thing.”

Rosy Jones, Goat Girl - Lambrini Girls

“I’ve heard that Lambrini Girls' live show is wild and we share a lot of similar values. They have some great merch including a cap that says ‘Fuck Terfs’ - Holly [Mullineaux, bass] has copped one and I’d quite like one for myself too.”

Jason Williamson, Sleaford Mods - BIG SPECIAL

“I know BIG SPECIAL's tunes and I had a listen to the album which they kindly sent to me and Andrew. It’s simplistic, honest, determined and inviting. Lovely.”

Jack Martin, Walt Disco - Ugly

“We’re excited to see our good pals in Ugly! They’ve just released their debut EP ‘Twice Around The Sun’ and it’s so incredibly unique; the production, performances and arrangements are all totally stunning. We’re dying to see how they do it live! We’ve known Sam and Harrison for a long time and it’s great to see them doing so well.”

Theo Polyzoides, King Nun - Flat Party

“Melodic, romantic, very ironic, dance worthy, funny, loud, sad, fast and slow, sharp and soft; based on all that you might think that there’s a lot going on in this music but there isn’t, it’s as simple as hearing it, Flat Party are something new and they are obviously the shit.”

Lia Metcalfe & Callum Thompson, The Mysterines - The Dare

The Dare are very good. I loved [the show], and most people we know have said it’s boss. It’s not meant to be put in a little box.”

Carlotta Cosials, Hinds - Ralphie Choo

“I’m gonna have to say Ralphie Choo. He’s Spanish - I can’t remember which city, but he lives in Madrid. I feel that lately there’s a huge wave of artists that choose an intimate, closed-eyes performance, and that’s totally cool, but this is just the opposite, and I love it. This guy is wild! He runs and jumps and screams and dances, and the music is so, so good. He has a promising future ahead.”

Kate Nash - Connie Constance

Connie Constance is a cut above the rest. Her influences are audible but she’s made them her own and created a genre that sounds fresh and familiar at the same time. Her lyrics are like poetry and they’re relatable whilst also being super imaginative; it’s raw and spiky, but soft and inviting. She’s not afraid to push boundaries and clearly has a vision when it comes to sound or with the visuals she’s making. I admire her work deeply.”

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As featured in the 2024 Festival Guide issue of DIY, out now.

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